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Our Mission

Kelowna Sunrise Rotary Causes

The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise is 100% driven by volunteers and proud to return the raffle proceeds to charitable causes. We support programs that  make our world a better place, both locally and internationally. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible to continue to support those in need.

Funds from this Raffle have been used to support many local worthwhile projects including the Central Okanagan Food Bank, Hope for the Nation/Food for Thought, the Salvation Army, Adaptive Sailing Association, ShoeBank Canada, Now Canada, Kelowna Paddle Centre and Pathways Abilities.

This year our goal is to raise money to support The Bridge Youth & Family Services as they convert a home to become an Okanagan Youth Recovery House for young people under the age of 19 who are experiencing addictions. Currently, British Columbia has less than 50 publicly funded youth treatment beds throughout the province. Within the Okanagan, there are zero facility-based treatment options for youth under the age of 17. This critical service in the Okanagan is crucial in response to the poisoned drug supply and lack of treatment beds in the province. The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise is proud to support solutions to help our youth recover.

Above Self

Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise members volunteer their year planning our charitable raffle so that we can raise money for important community organizations and international aid programs. Money raised is given away as grants!